101 Marketing Tips for Tourism is chock full of useful, easy-to-use insider tips on how to use free or cheap tools to help you with your destination marketing campaign. From the latest Facebook secrets to suggestions on how to get the most out of your special events, this digital book is a must-have resource for hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, chambers of commerce and any businesses that benefit from the tourism trade.

About the Author

Doug Motel, founder of Site Optimized, has been steeped in the world of online marketing for over 12 years. He has marketed, designed and produced websites for every kind of client from mom & pop businesses to large corporations like ABC-TV and Comedy Central. Doug’s efforts in search engine optimization and social media have helped his clients get great exposure: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, plus screen time on The View with Barbara Walters, and Oprah.

Look Inside The Book

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