What SEO is
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of “massaging” your entire web presence in a way that sends signals to the search engines that YOUR site is the most authoritative resource on the subject of your business.

What SEO is Not
SEO is not about putting keywords in your meta tags. If someone offers this to you as “search engine optimization,” please do the following: First smile. Then get a very serious expression and lean in towards them. Lower your voice to an almost inaudible whisper and say, “Whaddaya take me for? You think I don’t know the importance of web content and relevant back-links? You think I don’t know that Google’s algorithm has probably a hundred components to it?” Then cackle maddeningly, letting only your eyes follow them as they slink out of the room dazed and confused.

Optimizing a web site by throwing in some meta tag keywords is like wearing glasses to make people think you’re smart.

You and the Future of SEO
Here is the tricky thing about SEO: As more and more people get hip to this game of sprucing up web sites for better placement, the search engines are working harder and harder to protect the integrity of their product (hey, you would too if your billions were in stock). That means that in the future, the way to make the search engines think that your site is the best resource on a topic is to actually MAKE it the best resource. We can help you do that.