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Doug is great, lively animated and funny.

Great info!

Gave updates that I wasn’t aware of. Very useful.

Great job! Great presenter! Very humorous and fun!

Learned some very valuable tools. Great information.

Good step by step introduction and Doug is very engaging

Great presentation!

Bring Doug back, explains every detail very well.

Great presenter - made topic interesting.

About Doug

Doug Motel: author, coach and popular international speaker/expert on the subject of internet marketing.

As Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Site Optimized, Doug provides cutting-edge marketing strategies to help companies widen their reach via social media and search engine optimization.Site Optimized has worked with corporations such as ABC Television,Comedy Central,Playboy Enterprises.

As a marketing coach, Doug has helped businesses of all sizes navigate the best-practices for using Facebook, Twitter, and the top internet marketing tools.His clients have appeared in media outlets such as CNN,Oprah,The View,and in The Wall Street Journal.

As a featured speaker at widely attended conferences across the United States and in Central America, he is known for his generosity with insider information, his entertaining delivery, and for leaving audiences energized, informed, and inspired to take action.

Coaching - What You'll Learn

Raise your site to the top of the charts on Google,  Yahoo and MSN.
Implement quality content along with a natural accumulation of appropriate links.
Create a partnership with the search engines!

Social Media

Master the art of using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube to tell the story about your business.

Search Engines

Learn the practice of “massaging” your website and social networks in a way that sends all the right signals to Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Develop press releases and story pitches that media professionals will take notice of. Learn how to track down the journalists and editors that can help you.


Take advantage of Doug’s 20 years of experience as a web designer. Learn the easiest way develop your own clean, dynamic and search-engine friendly website.

The Testimonials


"Great! Doug is great, lively animated and funny."

"So easy to learn from Doug! Relaxed natural, brighter!! Humor helps me learn!! Great job"

"Good step by step introduction and Doug is very engaging"

"Gave updates that I wasn’t aware of. Very useful."

"Doug was great and interactive he answered a lot of questions about individual websites that was helpful."

"One of the best sessions this year, he was able to take a complex process and make it simple to understand."

"Doug did a great job, great info, good answer to question, could tell he was knowledgeable! Love to hear him talk on other topics. One of the best at the conference."

"Doug is a great energetic speaker, last session of the conference and he was able to engage the audience."

"This was the best Facebook seminar I’ve ever been to. The speaker was knowledgeable and entertaining, please bring him back!"

"Bring Doug back, explains every detail very well."

"Great job! Great presenter! Very humorous and fun!"

"I learned SO MANY practical applications from this seminar. I took his seminars last year also...he is by far my favorite presenter. Doesn't talk down to tech "novices" and even though the level of techies in the class varies, he makes it applicable to everyone present."

"Great presenter - made topic interesting."

"Doug Motel didn't just give a laundry list of everything he's done. He told us what to do and then peppered the presentation with examples. Very effective presentation. He taught us 'how' to do something - not just what he has done."

"Learned some very valuable tools. Great information."

"Great info!"

"Great presentation!"

"Very well done."

"Excellent speaker and content!"

"Doug’s session topics added to the value of the tourism industry and showed how important tourism is to the economy."

"It's amazing what a difference I have seen in my business from just from one session."

"I appreciate the new ideas with promoting the Best Western Coral Hills via Pinterest."


dougcarA seasoned international speaker of note, Doug is always entertaining,often using character voicesfunny stories,and playfully illustrated slideshows to share his broad base of knowledge.He is skilled at making,what is for many, mind-numbing material easy to comprehend.Participants leave his presentation laughing and learning.

“Doug Motel provided SEO information that was highly useful for the growth of our members’ bottom lines , while skillfully entertaining them in the process—and that is no small feat. His topic could make anyone’s head explode, but he was so dynamic and entertaining that, at times, the only exploding the group did was with laughter.

He was a huge hit! Any group concerned with business development should bring Doug Motel in as a speaker. He is that good.”
– Ann Melious, Conference Coordinator, 2010 New York State Tourism and Visitors Association

“This was easily the most valuable and informative presenter that we’ve ever had at the Rosendale Chamber, or perhaps any other chamber at which I’ve attended. He is incisive, clear, and deftly logical in his business comprehension and use of electronic media to create buzz and manufacture product awareness. His own real case examples were compelling. This was the ‘real deal’, and it was a privilege to have box seats for the evening. We cannot wait to have him back again at the chamber, and hopefully, on-site at our offices. Thank you so very much!”
– Sean Griffin, President, Chamber of Commerce, Rosendale, NY

“By popular demand, Doug Motel was invited back to the conference for a second straight year. As the conference chairperson and coordinator, I will share one of the attendee comments about Doug’s presentation: ‘Doug Motel didn’t just give a laundry list of everything he’s done. He told us what to do and then peppered the presentation with examples. He taught us “how” to do something—not just what he has done.’”
- Suzanne M. Bixby, Marketing & Communications Director, Campground Owners of New York

Strategic Consulting


Doug can help companies to develop more effective marketing programs to give them a competitive advantage. By listening, auditing, researching and evaluating your goals and values, Doug provides powerful suggestions for optimizing your marketing strategy.

Process includes:
Deep analysis of current efforts in branding, search and social media Researching the competition’s successes and failures Walking you through suggested improvements Outlining a plan for implementation Outlining a plan for measuring your success.

Call now: 845-363-4728