Yes, we focus¬† most of our marketing attention on having our clients’ sites rise to the top of the charts on Google, Yahoo and MSN. But we believe that the focus should be on the end user. It is a win-win situation to gear everything toward your actual prospective customers, because not only will the customer return to your site and refer it to others, but more and more every day the search engines are learning to see your site like real web surfers do. We have seen companies that were completely dependent on Google for their revenues disappear from Google’s results entirely. This can happen when you want to do things unnaturally fast.

Gradually implementing quality content along with a natural accumulation of appropriate links is the best way to create a partnership with the search engines. If your company has the in-house staff to write articles, regular web content, press releases, page titles, keywords and descriptions, if your employees are trained to discern what back-links you wouldn’t want to touch with a 10- foot pole, then you don’t need us. But if your company is not set up with that kind of infrastructure, consider outsourcing the marketing of your business to us.

Though our focus is on search, we are really an online marketing company. Some of the methods we use do not directly involve the search engines, but they get people to visit your site and buy your goods or services, which is at the end of the day all you really need, right?