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Here’s a really great way to use Facebook to find relevant people, groups and pages useful for networking your business, conducting research and taking stock of what other people in your field are doing.

Type in keywords that are relevant to your business and you will find numerous applicable pages. If you choose to “like” those pages, you (and the face of your business) will become a presence on those pages when you contribute. You might not want to do this with a direct competitor but it could be useful to do with a nearby or complimentary business.

Example: Say you are a Yoga Studio in San Francisco. You might want to search for “Health Food Stores” and “San Francisco”. When you “like” the pages of a store that is in your neighborhood or would have similar customers, your contributions to their Facebook wall will introduce all their “friends” to the face of your business. Cool, right?

NOTE: The spirit of social media is one of contribution more than overt promotion. Just as with a networking event you probably shouldn’t walk around talking about yourself the whole time. Challenge yourself to listen to others and participate meaningfully instead of shamelessly self-promoting.