Four Good Reasons to Start a Company Blog
Doug Motel

The verb “blogging” is a big buzzword nowadays. But did you know that this kind of writing can help promote your online business? Here are some great reasons why you might want to start a blog today:

Reason #1: Provides Your Site with Fresh Content
Writing a blog is a simple and free way to create new content on your website. Why is new content import? Well besides the obvious benefit of making your site useful to your online visitor, when the search engines see that you are updating your site regularly they tend to reward you with a higher search engine ranking position.

For instance, if Google discovers your site today and comes back in a week without seeing any changes, they may say, “Okay, nothing new here. The site doesn’t appear to change that often so we’ll come back in two weeks.” If they do see new pages of content, they often decide to visit your site more regularly to see what is new. This will boost your search engine rankings.

Reason #2: Gets Your Site More Links.
As awesome as you think your web site is, if web users don’t find it to be interesting or valuable, they won’t link to it. The amount of quality “backlinks” (hyperlinks FROM other web sites TO yours) is one of the most important things that Google takes in consideration when it is decides where your site should rank in the search results.  A blog with fresh content, interesting or even controversial at times, will be read by people who could link to your blog and provide your site with valuable vote of confidence.

Reason #3: Leads the Conversation with Your Customers
A blog is also a great way to make your site more than just a place to push out information, it can make your site a destination for conversation. Rather than just preaching about how great your products are, a blog gives you the opportunity to talk to all kinds of people, including potential customers and people in the industry who might be interested in your products. You can direct this conversation and make your company a leader and while learning more about what your customers want.

Reason #4: Takes Advantage of Social Media
People everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) are using web sites that allow them to share what they think is cool, interesting or important on the web. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, Del.ici.ous and StumbleUpon allow users to publicly share what they think is of value on the web. Most blogging software makes it very easy for people to share your content and if it is interesting they will (especially if you encourage them to).

So have your web developer install blogging software on the web host of your domain name and start blogging today!

Doug Motel is the founder of Site Optimized. A leading online marketing firm in the New York Hudson Valley.