When users go to Google and type in keyword phrases that you believe are the most relevant to your business, is your company’s website one of the top five links listed? We’re talking about the “free” or organic results, not the ones that require you to keep feeding the meter in pay-per-click paid advertising. If not, you are probably losing money as you read this (you might as well keep reading at this point, right?). Money that you could spend on stuff; stuff like cars or houses or experiences, like being one of the first civilians to visit the moon!

Site Optimized is an online marketing company whose focus is on helping clients create a powerful alliance with search engines, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and God only knows what other new web site that is coming down the pike, which can help spread the word about your goods and services. We help your clients find you on search engines so you can begin to help them faster!

Here is the short answer: We start by doing the detective work of finding out which keyword phrases people are really typing in when searching for what it is that you do. Then, we try to figure out which phrases you stand the best chance of winning the SEO and social media game with. After the keyword discovery phase, we begin helping in many ways. From search engine friendly site architecture and link building to producing the theme music for your Podcast! Check out the services we provide by clicking on the link in the navigation bar to the left.

Think of us at Site Optimized as your in-house online marketing director that you don’t need to provide health insurance for!

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