The beauty of the World Wide Web (indeed the reason why it works like a spider web) is this business about clicking on a section of one web page and suddenly – whoosh! You are in a whole new one. There is a saying that goes “if you want to double your income, double the amount of people you know.” A great way to double the amount of people you know is to double the amount of people who link to you. The more relevant links (related to your goods or services) that you have coming in to your site, the more potential visitors you will receive. Not only that, but Google takes great interest in your link popularity and considers that to be a vote of confidence toward your site. At Site Optimized, we keep a close eye on all of the ins and outs about linking: What links are good, what links are undesirable to have, how to request a link, what you can do to get more juice out of the links you currently have, etc.

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