Huh? Social Media Marketing (SMM) may be a term that is new to your company, but you should jot it down. When Time Magazine named YOU the 2006 person of the year, they were explaining a very real phenomenon: The internet is rapidly shrinking the world. It has now become easier than ever for people to “talk” to each other about what they like and do not like. There was a time when mothers would get the scoop on what new product was worth buying just by chatting with the lady next door while hanging the laundry out to dry. Those days ended with the invention of the clothes dryer, of course, but those backyard chats are making a comeback big time with sites like Digg, Technorati,, MySpace, and YouTube, to name only a few.

Marketing through social media and social networking sites is very tricky. Understanding the etiquette of the networking site is extremely important to using it. Spamming with a flood of keyword-heavy posts and tons of links can put you out of the game completely.

At Site Optimized, we can optimize your site so that awareness of it is easily spread through the social mediums. For example, we can set up an RSS feed for your new content, add a “Delicious” icon and link and much more.

We can also help to create new content that is social media centric: Tagged videos for YouTube, MySpace profiles, accounts for Facebook and Trig, etc. Community forums, Wikipedia, and sites that users can share favorite web content with by “tagging” are the wave of the very near future.

If done tastefully, social media is a world of marketing opportunity and can be a great way to connect with the people who need your goods and services.

Check out our Infographic on Why Facebook Matters for Marketing.