Did you know statistics show that people are much more inclined to click on a “Buy” button if the page has a white background and the hyperlinks are blue? Did you know that a web page that is located in a folder that is in a folder that sits in another folder stands less of a chance of getting noticed by Google than the ones that are at the root level? Or that text navigational links get better search results than pretty rollover image links?

If you wish to engage the search engines as your ally in your marketing campaign, there are many decisions that can be made before you even secure your domain name that can make the job much easier. Some websites, though beautiful with every bell and whistle, are actually so search engine unfriendly that sadly all you can do is take a wrecking ball to them and go for a complete redesign. We build websites that are clean and easy to navigate, download fast and are fetching to Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Take a look at our design samples below. We build search engine friendly web sites only. Click on the thumbnail below to see a larger view.